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Expand Your Shooting Possibilities with SmallRig FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307

SmallRig introduces the FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307, a versatile companion that expands your shooting capabilities and complements your creative vision. Designed to support V-mount battery and tripods, this innovative tripod features a built-in threaded hole that allows for easy attachment of additional accessories. With support for magic arms and other accessories, the SmallRig FreeBlazer CT195 4307 opens up a world of creative possibilities, empowering you to explore new shooting angles and capture unique perspectives.

Built-in Threaded Hole for Attaching Additional Accessories

The SmallRig FreeBlazer CT195 4307 tripod features a built-in threaded hole, providing a convenient solution for attaching additional accessories. Whether you want to mount a v-mount battery or other compatible devices, the threaded hole offers versatility and flexibility in expanding the functionality of your tripod. This feature allows you to customize your setup according to your specific needs, opening up new possibilities for your video projects.

Support for Magic Arm and Other Accessories for Enhanced Creativity

SmallRig understands the importance of versatility and creativity in videography. The FreeBlazer CT195 4307 tripod supports the use of a magic arm and other accessories, allowing you to further enhance your shooting capabilities. Attach lights, monitors, or other accessories to the magic arm, and easily mount it onto the tripod for added versatility and creative control. This support for accessories empowers you to explore new techniques and elevate the quality of your video productions.


Expand your shooting possibilities with the SmallRig FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307. The built-in threaded hole enables you to attach additional accessories, providing versatility and customization options. With the support for magic arm and other accessories, you can enhance your creativity and explore new shooting techniques. SmallRig delivers a tripod that expands your capabilities and allows you to unlock your full creative potential.

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