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Faculty & Research: Exploring the Expertise of Chengzhang Li at Antai College

Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM) prides itself on its distinguished faculty members who are at the forefront of research and expertise in the field of economics and management. One such notable faculty member is Associate Professor Chengzhang Li, whose expertise lies in supply chain management and data-driven decision-making.

As an Associate Professor at ACEM, Li brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the college. His expertise in supply chain management and data-driven decision making makes him an invaluable asset to the faculty. Li’s contributions to the research community at Antai College are highly regarded, and he plays a vital role in shaping the field of economics and management.

Research Interests and Publications

Li’s research interests primarily revolve around supply chain management and socially responsible operations. His work focuses on implementing environmental and social responsibility programs in supply networks, aiming to create sustainable and ethical business practices. One notable publication by Li in the esteemed journal Management Science delves into this topic, shedding light on the strategies and mechanisms for enacting environmental and social responsibility programs in supply chains.

In addition to his work on environmental and social responsibility, Li’s research also explores dynamic substitution for selling multiple products under uncertainty, as highlighted in his publication in Production and Operations Management. These contributions showcase Li’s dedication to advancing the field of economics and management through innovative research.

Furthermore, Li’s expertise has been recognized through research grants. The Network Optimization and Coordination Mechanism Design for Managing Environmental and Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Networks project, funded by NSFC, exemplifies Li’s commitment to addressing critical issues in the field. This research grant allows Li and his team to develop optimization models and coordination mechanisms that promote sustainable practices in supply chain networks.

Research Grants and Journal Referee Experience

Li’s impact extends beyond his research publications and grants. He actively contributes to the academic community as a journal referee for prestigious publications like Management Science and Operations Research. His involvement in the refereeing process contributes to the integrity and quality of research in the field of economics and management.


In conclusion, Associate Professor Chengzhang Li’s expertise in supply chain management and data-driven decision making makes him a valuable member of Antai College’s faculty. His contributions to the field through publications, research grants, and refereeing activities demonstrate his commitment to advancing the realm of economics and management. Antai College’s dedication to fostering a strong faculty and research community ensures a vibrant and innovative environment for students and researchers alike.

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