Fitcare HW807: The Ultimate Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Introducing the Fitcare HW807, a popular armband heart rate monitor designed to provide precise heart rate measurements from your arm or temple. As a leading innovator in fitness technology making rechargeable heart rate monitor, Fitcare delivers exceptional accuracy and convenience with the HW807, making it an indispensable tool for fitness enthusiasts.

Multi-Color LED for Real-Time Heart Rate Zone Indications

The Fitcare HW807 features a multi-color LED that provides real-time heart rate zone indications, allowing users to monitor their workout intensity with ease. Whether you’re pushing the limits or maintaining a steady pace, the LED display makes it convenient to track your heart rate zones during exercise.

Perfect for Exercise Data Tracking

With its ability to accurately track heart rate data, the Fitcare HW807 is perfect for exercise data tracking. Whether you’re using Zwift or other fitness apps, the HW807 ensures that you have access to reliable heart rate measurements to optimize workouts and achieve fitness goals.

HRV Data for Health

The Fitcare HW807 goes beyond basic heart rate monitoring by acquiring heart rate variability (HRV) data. By detecting the interval of the R-R wave of the heart rate parameter, the HW807 provides valuable insights into overall health and fitness levels, allowing users to make informed decisions about training regimens.

Vibration Reminder for Optimal Performance

Users can easily adjust the rechargeable heart rate monitor zone with the HW807 by setting the sensor Max HR. The HW807 provides vibration reminders to alert users when exercise states are too intense, ensuring adjustments to workout intensity for optimal performance and safety.

Built-in Data Storage for Convenience

Equipped with a robust storage chip, the Fitcare HW807 integrates built-in data storage, allowing users to enjoy exercise without the need for smartphones or other smart devices. This feature provides added convenience and flexibility, allowing users to focus solely on workouts without distractions.


Experience the ultimate in heart rate monitoring with the Fitcare HW807 Armband Heart Rate Monitor. With its precision measurements, real-time heart rate zone indications, and advanced features like HRV data acquisition and vibration reminders, the HW807 is the perfect companion for fitness journeys. Stay on track, stay motivated, and achieve fitness goals with the Fitcare HW807 by your side. Elevate workout experiences today!

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