Review of New88 cockfighting game

Can say New88 cockfighting It is not only a purely entertaining game but also provides an opportunity for you to try your hand at it and earn attractive rewards. Not only that, with competitive odds, live reporting system from major cockfighting arenas Bookmaker New88vinet will bring top-notch cockfighting betting experiences. Let’s follow the article to better understand the cockfighting game at this playground!

Objective reviews about New88 cockfighting

Currently, the cockfighting hall at New88 is one of the leading online betting platforms in the online entertainment market. At the same time, cockfighting also attracts players with a rich game system of the best quality. Here are some player reviews about cockfighting at New88:

Game provided

About the game New88 cockfightingThe platform greatly contributes to giving players the opportunity to bet on exciting and dramatic cockfights. Along with that is a live reporting system that helps members easily follow every development that happens in the match. Brings excitement and suspense like being in a real cockfighting arena.

Customer support service

New88 is rated quite highly in terms of service because it always puts the interests of players first. With a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants who always support customers 24/7 to answer all players’ questions. So whenever you need help or support, you can easily contact this department for instructions on answering the most detailed cockfighting questions.

There are many attractive promotions

This is also one of the attractions that attracts many members to play New88 cockfighting. Some outstanding programs include refunds, free money when depositing money into your account for the first time, etc. All of these will help players have more opportunities to experience and receive great rewards.

Diverse forms of New88 cockfighting betting

Currently, this house offers many different forms of betting to help players easily choose the form that best suits them. Specifically:

  • Live cockfighting betting: With this form, you can bet right on New88’s official website. According to it, the homepage will have many live videos of cockfighting matches and you can watch and bet immediately there.
  • Betting on cockfighting by round: New88 also allows players to bet on each round of the match. That will create many opportunities for you to easily win bets in each game.
  • Betting on cockfighting before the match: You can also bet before the match starts if you are sure of winning. The house will provide relevant information about the upcoming match to all players and you only need to base on that to make the most accurate decisions.
  • Place a bet New88 cockfighting according to ratio: If you want, you can also choose to bet according to the levels provided by the house. These odds are often updated continuously to create more opportunities for players.

Transaction time at New88 is quick

Deposit/withdrawal operations when playing cockfighting at New88 mostly receive high ratings. Transactions here are quite fast in just a few minutes and are supported with many diverse payment methods.

Good information security

Security issues are of great concern to many players to ensure safety. At New88 all information is kept safe by leading security technologies. Therefore, all player information and transactions are kept absolutely confidential.

Instructions for playing New88 cockfighting

To participate in exciting cockfights here, you need to follow these instructions:
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Step 1: Access bookmaker New88 using an internet-connected device

First you need to go to the house’s homepage then log in to your personal account section. If you are not a member here, you need to select the registration section to create an account.

Step 2: Deposit money into your account

Once you have become a member of the house, you need to deposit money to participate in cockfighting betting. With existing accounts, you need to ensure that your balance is enough to be able to play.

Step 3: Choose to enter the cockfighting hall

At the New88 homepage, select the cockfighting game. Then, when entering the game lobby interface, you will choose a cockfight that you are interested in, make a bet and place a bet with a certain amount of money. As mentioned above, you can choose to bet by round, before the match, directly, etc. as you like.

Step 4: Monitor and wait for results

Finally, you just need to watch the chickens compete and see the winning or losing results. If you win, you will receive a reward and vice versa.


Above are our shares with you about the lobby New88 cockfighting. Hopefully it will be really useful to make your betting process here go smoothly. Good luck with your favorite chickens!

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