Revolutionize Your Healthcare Practice with OEKAN Furniture’s Medical Trolleys: A Comprehensive Guide

A leading manufacturer of medical furniture, OEKAN Furniture has more than 13 years of experience providing one-stop shopping for hospitals and healthcare organizations. The mission of OEKAN Furniture is to deliver tailored solutions that meet the particular requirements of governmental bodies, contractors, hospitals, and clinics.

OEKAN Furniture’s medical trolleys include medical computer cart, mayo trolley, nursing trolley, patient record trolley and instrument trolley.

Introduction of the Reversible Shelf Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley

One style of medical trolleys from OEKAN is the stainless steel instrument trolley with reversible shelves. The stainless steel reversible shelf instrument trolley has upturned edges on one side and a flat top on the other. The shelf is entirely detachable for simple cleaning and may be steam cleaned or autoclaved. This type of medical trolley has a seamless welded iron and stainless steel tube frame. It comes with two-braked 75mm antistatic castors and an overall height of 840mm. This steel trolley comes in a wide range of colors and has an appealing finish. This instrument trolley is warranted for three to eight years.

Besides, The medical trolley will be flat-packed in cartons according to export standards and shipped from Guangzhou or Shenzhen ports within 15 to 35 days. You can pay by letter of credit, cash, wire transfer, and so on.


For hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes, OEKAN Furniture is dedicated to offering high-quality medical furniture products. Therefore, OEKAN Furniture is your finest choice if you’re seeking for a medical trolley.

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