What are Khai Vuong Chicken Scales? Simple Way to Identify From a Cocker

Chicken scales open the king  This is a feature that attracts the attention and research of many cockfighters. Because if you own this armor, you will definitely be a good fighting cock. So do you know how to identify this rare type of scale? If you have any questions, please follow the article below now!

What is Khai Vuong chicken scales?

 Chicken scales open the king This is a relatively rare set of armor in fighting cocks from the past to present. Therefore, cocks possessing this trait are often searched for and hunted continuously. Its structure is quite special, consisting of 4 rectangles stacked together. If you carefully observe, the above method of integration will create a balanced square.

According to folklore, this type of scale has a shape quite similar to the character Vuong 王 (Sino-Vietnamese). This is also the origin of the current name Khai Vuong. In addition, its position is close to the legs of the fighting cock. Therefore, you can easily see it with the naked eye. However, the number of fighting cocks possessing king’s scales is extremely rare.

How to identify chicken scales is extremely easy

Are you a fan of cockfighting but don’t know how to recognize rare scales? Don’t worry too much, just follow the very simple signs below!

  • Some cockers are often confused Chicken scales open the king to ten spurs. However, it is not difficult to distinguish, pay attention to their arrangement. To put it simply, ten spurs are scales that stand close to the cock’s spurs. On the contrary, the King Khai stood close to the toes.
  • When observing carefully, you can see that the king’s scales are shaped like the letter 王 and the ten spurs are shaped like the letter 十.
  • Fighting chickens possessing this trait will have a total of 4 scales, sometimes 6 scales may appear, but the method of nesting is not too different.
  • The stripe in the middle of the scale is considered quite long, up to the toes and somewhat similar to the structure of a dragon’s head.

What is the fighting style of the scaly king cock?

 Chicken scales open the king  It’s not natural, but many players spend time looking for it. They are not only rare in terms of quantity but also an excellent sign of identifying cockroaches. According to experts, fighting cocks have the characteristic of fighting extremely fiercely, each attack is dangerous and makes the opponent afraid.

In a competition, if there is an appearance of a king cock, the chance of winning is 100%. No matter how good the opponent is, it is easy to be defeated in a short time. This helps cockers earn a small amount of profit.

Most of the cocks’ kicks are tense and extremely powerful. They are also extremely intelligent, flexibly avoiding attacks and waiting for the opportunity to attack their opponent’s sensitive areas. Once the blow is dealt, the opponent can only collapse on the field because of the pain.

How to take care of scaly chickens

When you find a fighting cock with king scales, you must also know how to raise it properly. Only when you grasp the knowledge of good care can you increase your strength and possess a good playing style.

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Nutritional regimen when raising fighting cocks is available Chicken scales open the king  very important. Food needs to be nutritious and clean so as not to affect the digestive tract. If you want to improve your muscles and make them more energetic, you should feed them cooked and dried rice.

In addition, add chicken eggs, beef, live eel and green vegetables. However, you should feed the chicken in a sufficient dose. If the chicken is too fat, it will also affect the fighting process.

Animal lodging

There is a barn for fighting cocks Chicken scales open the king It also needs to be carefully built according to the criteria of being cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At the same time, it must be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. As for drinking water, you should also use clean water and change it continuously throughout the day.

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Training techniques

Training exercises of Chicken scales open the king  will be applied from easy to difficult. The most important thing is to increase leg strength and wing flapping ability. Because they are all factors that affect the winning or losing results in competition. However, you should not force yourself too much, exercise only needs to last 15 to 20 minutes a day.

This article provides information and answers Chicken scales open the king  as well as identification and other related information. I hope that with the useful information shared above, you can easily find excellent cocks and know how to raise them well!

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